Skill Drop is a fun little puzzle game where you have to abandon your abilities in order to progress! Use them to reach higher platforms, cover spikes, and more!

Press escape while in a level to access the settings or return to the level select. For best performance, download the Windows version.

Skill Drop was originally made in under 72 hours for MiniJam 65 with the theme "Abandoned", and then polished and added to for just over a month to bring you this Post-Jam version with music, new mechanics, new levels and a whole lot more pizazz!

Made using the LÖVE Framework (License) · Web version packaged using LÖVE Web Builder


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SkillDrop_PostJam_win 28 MB

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Hi! I've been trying to figure out how to export love2d games to the web, and have had a really hard time finding information on the internet. It looks like you've done it a few times though, I'd love to ask you about it if you get the chance. Thanks!

For sure! I've been using the love2d web builder linked in the game description (, it's a pretty convenient online tool. I usually use the "run project" option to fiddle with the memory settings and check error messages/fix bugs until it works, and then I'll do a proper build with the same settings. The only other thing is to remember to change stuff for your web build that doesn't make sense for the browser (for Skill Drop I decided to remove the full screen option and hitting escape on the title screen doesn't "quit" the game).

If you want to have a more in-depth conversation about it, feel free to dm me on twitter!

Thanks a ton for getting back to me, I just ran through everything again to make sure it was still broken, and I realized I was just being an idiot. I was packaging the files wrong, I was zipping the folder rather than the files :_) It works great when you do what your supposed to do!

I super appreciate you getting back to me and indirectly knocking some sense into me though, have a good day!

Awesome, I'm glad you figured it out!


Whoa, what a cool idea! :D Lovely graphics and audio, too!


woooo update was a lot of fun, i especially love the springs :3

What was the new update?

There's another 11 levels, music and a lot of new visual effects! Plus a lot of small behind the scenes stuff.

yeah i noticed! i made this comment before opening the game but after siing it had been updated. WOW a lot of new stuff! did you make a discord yet? you should have a server!

Still no plans to have a discord server, but if I do make one you'll be the first to know! 


It makes me so happy to see you kept working on this!


I loved this game, It’s cleverly designed and has really cute art style.


I love the concept, seems pretty unique to me and makes for a fun puzzle. The art and animation looks great. Would be nice if you could add some fitting music post-jam.


didn't get the name until i played it


Nearly flawless game, great feel and style. I had to smile the whole time because of the cool concept. 10/10


do you have discord server? if so, i would love to join it! this is really good, the only thing missing is more levels and using the double jump. i think that making it wider, adding more mechanics (like the ability to attack enemies or something) on the bottom would make it purchaseable on steam. i would probably buy it for $10 if there was more to it!


Thanks for the compliments! I don't have a discord server, but if you want to keep up with what I'm making you can follow me here or on twitter.




Cute little puzzle platformer! Looking forward to the post-jam version with music. ;)


Thanks for trying it out! I'm excited to keep working on it.


straight forward name. I like it! the cover art and in-game art are great, I hope you make a post-jam version!